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Hitting the road

时间:2010-01-11 10:14来源 作者:Nat Friedman 点击:
订阅的。不认识的就把文章当阅读理解吧。原文见 Today was my last day at Novell. I joined in 2003 when Novell bought Ximian, the Linux startup I founded with my dear friend Mi

订阅的。不认识的就把文章当阅读理解吧。原文见作者博客  本文引用自

Hitting the road

Today was my last day at Novell.


I joined in 2003 when Novell bought Ximian, the Linux startup I founded with my dear friend Miguel de Icaza ten years ago.


Novell gave me some incredible opportunities and the freedom to work on exciting projects, for which I am very grateful. I learned a lot, and had the chance to work with some wonderful people. It was a great ride. http://Novell.Me

Now, having just gotten married, and with my latest project, SUSE Studio, out the door, it feels like a natural breaking point and time for something new. Novell迷网站內容,版权所有

So my freshly-minted wife Stephanie and I are seizing this chance to travel around the world in 2010. We don’t have a fixed itinerary or return date and we want to keep it that way as much as possible. http://Novell.Me

There’s a lot we want to see and we don’t know what we’ll be able to fit in. So we’re going to see where the wind takes us.


Along the way I hope to find some useful volunteer opportunities, and maybe hack on some just-for-fun projects on the side.


I’ve been working professionally with computers since I was 15 and I love being engrossed in work. But this trip can only really be described as a lifelong dream which we are incredibly grateful to have a chance to do.


We’ll stick around in Munich for a few months first, to deal with some administrivia, and to enjoy the mountains in the winter. After that, there’s no real plan.


It’s likely that when we’re done traveling my next move will be to start a company in the US. It’s hard to imagine myself doing something other than founding a startup. But you never know. I’m open to anything.


In the meantime, I’m looking forward to a break and to waking up tomorrow morning to a new adventure. Novell迷网站內容,版权所有

Also, I just started a podcast, Hacker Medley, which is pretty fun so far. Check it out :-) .