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Novell iPrint Error code 126

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Q:使用iPrint安装打印机时,弹出提示框告知出现错误,错误代码为126 I am using windows XP(Novell Client for windows 4.90) and have installed Novell iPrint Client v02.02.00 and its possible to see all printers avialable



I am using windows XP(Novell Client for windows 4.90) and have installed
Novell iPrint Client v02.02.00 and its possible to see all printers
avialable and also installs all HP and Kycera without problem. But when
I try to install a plotter (HP DesgnJet 800 PS Plotter - PS3-42 Driver)
its starting downloading from the network but rather quickly gets an
error AND its error reads as:

error message: The specified module could not be found
error group:windows
error code: 126

However, i can install this driver in Windows NT PC with the same
driver. For your information, i have re-installed Novell Client for
windows 4.90 and makes no differnce.

Any ideas? Novell迷网站原创内容,未经允许,谢绝转载!

当然首先要尝试的是重装安装过iPrint 的客户端了。(iPrint Client) 内容来自



To delete printer driver files in Windows XP: 版权所有,未经Novell迷允许,不得转载!

  1. Click Start, and then click Printers and Faxes.
  2. On the File menu, click Server Properties.
  3. On the Drivers tab, click the printer driver that you want to delete, and then click Remove.

Then remove here the printer driver of the not fuctioning printer. After this is done you can install the printer with iprint.




I have the fix. There is a TID on this kinda of, sort of. It has to do
with you path in your environment variables. I did have all the pathings
that was needed in the TID but my path had become to long of IPP and it
was truncating some of the pathing. I deleted my pathing so that it only
read: "%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;%
SystemRoot%\system32\nls;%SystemRoot%\system32\nls\ENGLISH;" and now
everything works. This needs to be reported to engineering and fixed.
There is no reason that a windows APP should be using the PATH varible to
find it's own DLLs. This should be done through the registry. Novell
has a bad habit of mixing old DOS programming with Windows programming
and it only screws the user over in the end.


还有的办法是通过拷贝framedyn.dll 到C:\Windows\System32 目录来解决:


My issue was fixed by copying the framedyn.dll into the c:windows\system32\wbem folder

Another Solution from Novell TID,just for your reference.



The version of Windows XP installed on this type of "thin client" wants to create a system restore point before a printer driver is installed, but a required Windows file for that process is missing:  srclient.dll  http://Novell.Me


Add srclient.dll to the Windows\System32 directory and reboot the workstation. 本文转载自


Additional information:
iPrint client version 4.18 has additional code to log 126 errors to the c:\NDPS\ipperrs.txt file.  This error log will indicate possible resolutions to the problem, such as: srclient.dll must be added and wbem and drivers must be added to the Windows Path Environment.



1)  Make sure c:\windows\system32\wbem and c:\windows\system32\drivers are in the Windows Environment Variable Path.
         a. Right-click My Computer -> Properties
         b.  Advanced tab -> Environment Variables button
         c.  Double-click Path (under System variables) and add the path strings listed above.  Use semi-colons to separate statements.
         d.  Click OK and OK.
2)  Make sure c:\windows\system32\wbem\framedyn.dll is available and not corrupt. 本文引用自Novell迷网站

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